Welcome to Riverbank!
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We are a Christian church that belongs to a world-wide family known as Presbyterian and Reformed churches that traces its roots back to the time of the Protestant reformation – a 16thcentury reform movement in church and society led by people such as Martin Luther and John Calvin.

Riverbank Christian Church is a member of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, a denomination that comprises of approximately 50 churches with about 9,000 members. Our congregation has been in Launceston since 1954, when migrants from various Reformed churches in the Netherlands moved here in the years following WW II. Other groups of like-minded migrants around Australia also started churches and these together became the Christian Reformed Churches.

As a congregation standing in the Reformed tradition there are truths we hold dear, among them:

  • The authority of the Bible and accept it as the only rule for our faith and life.
  • The centrality of Jesus Christ as Lord and the only Saviour of mankind.
  • The need for faith in Jesus Christ who alone gives eternal life to all who believe in Him.
  • Lives which reflect Jesus’ love to others and are lived in obedience to Him.
  • The need to tell others the Good News of Jesus in obedience to His command to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19,20).

To that end we have committed ourselves to five major, equally important purposes: evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship and service. The following key words summarise the five purposes for Riverbank:

  1. Mission: Proclaiming God’s Word through evangelism.
  2. Magnification: Celebrating God’s presence in corporate worship.
  3. Membership: Assimilating God’s family into our fellowship.
  4. Maturity: Developing God’s people through discipleship.
  5. Ministry: Demonstrating God’s love through service.

In practice we seek to be a church that is God glorifying, Bible-based, warm and welcoming, outward focussed, and reverent – yet vibrant – in our worship. Through our various activities we desire to grow to greater maturity in Jesus Christ and reach out to the community.

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